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Margaret Siriol Colley

1925 - 2011



Margaret Siriol Colley
Welcome to my Website


An Auto-biography of a Fascinating Life. 



*Childhood photos.                                                  

*Wartime Evacuation to Canada  1940 to 1944.



*Family Photos and Recollections. 

*The childhood of Dr. Nigel R. Colley, father of Graham, Richard, Nigel and Philip  


Memorial to the East Indiaman, the Earl of Abergavenny


My Hobbies.     1.Diving excursion to Sinai in1979. Flash flood exposing land mines.

                          2. Diving the Wreck, of the East Indiaman, the Earl of Abergavenny and the memorial to the loss of life. .

                          3.Diving in Scapa Flow on the remaining German     Warships scuttled in 1919.

                                4.Further underwater photos.


More Than a Grain of Truth

A Pictorial Biography of Gareth Vaughan Jones

カシオ 時計

Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones


The Heart of Things  Hong Kong Critic's assessment of Gareth's murder in Inner Mongolia


A Manchukuo Incident

Link to this page.

The Soviet, Far East and German Articles of Gareth Jones

The Final Journey 

Important articles are Précis of his Life and The Verdict Remains Open to his death.



Battle of the Somme. The tragic death of Dr Raymond Jones on July 10th 1916

The Land girl in 1917.  Eirian Lewis's account of being a land girl in the Great War.

Annie Gwen Jones. Life on the Steppes, Ukraine 1889-1892

Major and Mrs. Edgar Jones at Eryl Barry, South Wales

Tragic stories of the First World War including our father, Dr John Stanley Lewis and Siriol's recollections in the Second World War

Other articles Anton Chekhov.  

My grandmother's account of her time in Ukraine and my mother as a Land girl in 1917.

Hobbies with interest in Diving.

A selection of photos as yet on my site (Click here)

It includes photos of Japan, Myanmar, and Gareth's Mongolian Photos. Also Pictorial Biography of Gareth and Photos of David Lloyd George.

Below is a slide show.


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